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Now Forget Stress of Moving as Relocato Covers over 125 countries worldwide and making your international move a cheerful memory to you ever , offering Removals, Shipping , Air Freight & Relocation Support Services.

Moving is simply stressful enough and moving abroad is potentially worse but worry not

                   We do everything possible to make your move as easy as possible. 

                                                     "We thank you for believing in us"


Relocato Removals service HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES provides our purchasers peace of mind in current property maintenance. The service is simple: you choose from the list of services, and that we check that they happen throughout the year.


HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES customers receive 10% off of normal rates and have late emergency access at traditional service rates.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI)

To kick things off, we'll conduct a free prime to bottom, within and outside; curb to alley scrutiny of your home. We tend to examine all exposed plumbing, walls, ceilings, floors, brickwork, siding, gutters, roofing, fencing, and mechanical device systems as a part of this method. The scrutiny leads to a written document of noted exceptions.

Management of Maintenance Schedule

Relocato Removals provides ease of mind by managing your annual maintenance schedule.  We will proactively contact you to set up times for selected home services requiring property entry.

Discounted Service Rates

HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES customers get pleasure from 100 percent off our current service rates. Additionally, we are going to lock those rates throughout the term of your contract, notwithstanding any rate will increase that occur throughout the contract amount.

After Hours Scheduling of Service Calls

Your days are busy… generally, the sole time you have got to speak is when work. Decision up till 9:00 PM to request our services.

After Hours Emergency Services

In emergency situations, Relocato Removals is by your side.  HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES customers enjoy 24/7 service response and pay no additional service fees for after-hours work.

Priority Scheduling

All HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES customers are given preference in work schedule, especially when emergency repairs are needed.

Access to Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs)

Relocato Removals has developed an inventory of ELP’s from our direct business contacts or those of our customers. Associate in Nursing ELP could be a company that provides services in some way offered by Relocato Removals, however, is one that we all know can give a reliable, quality service at an affordable worth for our purchasers. Access to the present non-public list is simply offered to those home homeowners UN agency have listed in our jack of all trades VALET SERVICES Program.


Your HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES enrollment is transferable to a new home should you move from your current location as long as the new home is within our service area.


Enrollment in the HANDYMAN VALET SERVICES Program provides the following benefits to a home owner:

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your house is being maintained to the very best commonplace potential provides peace of mind and reduces operational prices. Our skilled technicians, mistreatment our free Preventative Maintenance review, will provide a home-owner a condole with what areas of their home may have work done to forestall high-expense issues before they happen.


Home maintenance is simple: simply allow us to apprehend what services you'd like, and that we can manage the schedule! For unexpected work, like leaky taps, lock smiting or drain blockages, you have got variety to decision. And together with your jack of all trades VALET SERVICES most popular programing, you'll be able to be certain your repairs can get done after you would like them.

All Services, One Call

While we've experience in a very majority of the services, we have a tendency to typically usher in alternative skilled facilitate for additional specialized work like HVAC. During this case, finding the proper company World Health Organization can deliver a service quickly at an affordable price is easy. Simply contact Relocato Removals for access to at least one of our supported native suppliers.

Fair Pricing and Low Program Cost

Fixed rates make sure that you recognize what hourly rate is charged for the period of the contract. The value of enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance Program is simply defined as per your budget.

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Our Process

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Move Internationally with Fully Delicacy & Care # Enjoy our Expertise

When ever you come to know that it’s  time to move across continents , it enlightens a new sense of motivation as you are going to explore one more country where as on the other side you also find your self not an ease because of thinking now How you would shift your valuable furniture & other antique belongings with you to the another country & how the delicacy could be maintained of all the items so that when you reach there and unpack your items you get the very same freshness as you left there in your own country . These are some concerns that may come in to your mind & start bothering you.

It’s challenging enough  finding a new home ,settle in, adjust to a new job , admit your children at school ,cultivate new friends & come to terms with a different culture. In this scenario you must not want to add that  ( Moving )  stress with you , Would you ?

Your Next Steps

 Relocato Removals take good care of your move. With 13 offices across India, the Middle East, and Singapore, we can move you with flair anywhere 

You may want to check out the Case Studies on International Relocation, along with the FAQs, and Moving Tools & Tips we have put together for the best moving and packing experience.

Join our Expat Club for Networking with fellow expats. Browse through the Orientation Services at Writer Relocations to make migrating abroad easier.

Do request a Free Moving Quote from Relocato Removals for International Packers & Movers, or Long Distance Moving.

6 steps to peace-of-mind packing and moving.


Expert Packing

Take advantage of it so that your cargo arrives undamaged.


Professional Survey

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Pet Relocation

We'll move your pets with the same love and care that you would.


World-Class Storage

Let's store your possessions safely while you settle in at your own pace.


Vehicles Shipping

Ship your vehicles on time so that you can take off in your new home.


Online Tracking

Track your belongings so that you know where your cargo is at any time.

Relocato Removals was founded on a simple idea that Packing and Moving can be made affordable and professional. Today's great minds of the industry brings professional touch throughout the process that makes Moving & Relocation special , personal & easy that drives yourgoods as one's emotions.



No More Cooked-up Bills ! Crystal Clear Communication that creates future prospects


We believe Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten


Track your cargo so that you know where your cargo is at any time


The Best l The Trendy l and The Genuine l Let us wrap it for you l 3 Layered Fabric Sheets l Carton Boxes l Bubble Wrap & much more


Let The Professionals l The Experts & The Great Minds of the Industry work for you to make over your Move a perfect event


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Read what people like you say about packing and moving with Relocato Removals.

"It was a pleasant experience with Relocato Removals. I would give you a 5 out of 5 rating for your services and for sure will recommend your services to anyone in need."

Vinodmoorthy Dalavai, India to Sweden, September 2018.

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The Moving Process

"Moving house can be complicated, especially when this involves moving overseas. Scroll through our international removals process guide to find out what to expect, but don't worry, we're here to guide you through every step of the journey and make sure your move overseas is simple and stress free."

"Planning Makes Your Move Perfect"


When you hire an international removals company they will provide a range of services to help you move house from packing and wrapping your furniture, loading on a vehicle or into a shipping / airfreight container and transporting to your new home and then unpacking and taking away all the packing materials….and many, like us, offer lots of additional services on top of that to make moving as easy as possible.


International Removals are made up of three main elements:

  • Collection – including packing services (where required) and loading for transport, either into our own vehicle or a shipping or airfreight container
  • Transport to destination – there are a number of international transport options depending on your destination and your budget/speed requirements
  • Delivery – including unloading and unpacking (where required)


For sea shipments and airfreight: 
While your goods are in transit we will keep you up to date with progress and ensure everything is running to plan. Once we are informed of the estimated arrival date at the destination port we will contact you to arrange final dates for delivery to your new home. On delivery our crew will arrive at the agreed date and time to unload, unpack and place your items onto flat surfaces as well as to reassemble any items that we are handling on your behalf.

For Road removals
For exclusive moves your belongings will travel by road to your destination and on arrival will be unloaded, unpacked and placed onto flat surfaces. For part load moves we will arrange a date within your agreed delivery window to arrive at your destination to unload, unpack and place onto flat surfaces as well as to reassemble any items that we are handling on your behalf.


Once your shipment has arrived at destination we will arrange for it to clear customs and be delivered to your new home. As you concentrate on settling in and enjoying your new home our crew will unload all your belongings and place them in the correct rooms at your request. If you have selected unpacking services we will then unpack and place your items on to flat surfaces exactly where you require as per your move plan

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A range of useful resources to help guide you through the process, every step of the way

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Areas Cover

We move families to and from over 180 different countries and as part of the Harmony Relocation Network have services centres across the world, so wherever you need to be, we’re already there.

Our UK service centres based across the South East mean we ware ideally placed to provide coverage throughout London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, but don’t worry if you aren’t in these areas - we provide our services throughout the UK.

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A range of useful resources to help guide you through the process, every step of the way

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International Road Removals Services Tailored for You

We offer four different service levels for removals by road to mainland Europe to suit a range of schedule and budget requirements.

European Moves


If You Can Be Completely Flexible

    1. We choose the collection and delivery date
    2. We may use the empty space on your vehicle for other securely separated consignments that fit in with your schedule


European Removals

Premium Economy

Our Most Popular Service

    1. Choose EITHER collection or delivery date and we will confirm the other
    2. We may use the empty space on your vehicle for other securely separated consignments that fit in with your schedule


European Removals

Priority Service

If You Can Be Completely Flexible

    1. You select your collection and delivery date
    2. We may use the empty space on your vehicle for other securely separated consignments that fit in with your schedule
    3. Collection and Delivery within 3 working days*


European Removals

Dedicated Service

Our Most Popular Service

    1. You select your collection and delivery date
    2. Your own truck for your exclusive use
    3. Collection and Delivery within 3 working days*


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.


We recognise that a major priority in selecting a company to provide Removals or International Shipping services will be how much to budget.

Whilst it’s impossible to give a figure without knowing your specific requirements here are a few things to consider when researching International Moving Costs. You can also watch our video to understand more about these factors.

Quantity of belongings you would like to move (often known as volume)

Method of transport

How quickly you need delivery and how flexible you can be around your move dates

Types of items you are moving and any special requirements (e.g. items that require dismantling or extra people to lift)

Packing services including any items to be crated or given extra protection

Your origin and destination address

Access at both properties including stairs, parking and distance to your front door

The dates you are moving

The professional skills, experience and certifications of the moving company

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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A range of useful resources to help guide you through the process, every step of the way

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